Rather than over-stretching diminishing budgets over greater distances, I believe in focus over fragmentation.

Impact over reach. Awe over frequency.

I’d rather drop one large stone than scatter innumerable grains of sand in the marketing pond.

Make big waves. Gain a lot of attention.Intensify not dilute.



My experience in multiple categories, across numerous segments, shows people consistently opt for quality over quantity.

The premium segments of many categories continue to grow even though the total category they are within may be in protracted decline.

High quality entertainment has thankfully snatched attention and market share away from low budget, low intellect programming.

The same is true of advertising.

Advertising is the vanguard of a brand and first impressions last.

So for the sake of the brand, regardless of the category, I believe the quality of what is produced is paramount to the success of the brand.



I don't believe there is any advantage to be gained by advertising that tries to disguise itself in an attempt to dupe customers.

Cleverly camouflaged advertising messages that attempt to insinuate a brand into the lives of consumers don't build a brand or a relationship with a brand.

People aren’t stupid. Far from it.

They are savvy, switched on and well attuned to the realities of the commercial world.

They respect the truth. The deserve the truth.



In an attempt to be the 'latest thing', too may companies agonise over what to call themselves or to define what it is they offer to clients - Communications Specialists, Marketing Services Agencies, Brand Consultants, etc.


I believe many of them have lost their way and as a result, much of the work they create on behalf of their clients, entertains instead of sells.

Instead of amusing the few, I believe in influencing the many.


What we do, or should do for our clients, is create ideas that have a commercially practical outcome.


In other words, Advertising.

Big, beautiful, honest advertising like the ads you see here that unashamedly shout,

“I am an advertisement. Look at me. Listen to me. And if you are moved by me, buy into what I have to offer.”