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James Rickard is a highly successful and award-winning advertising creative director and copywriter


I’m a creative director and advertising copywriter who writes persuasive copy to alter people’s attitude or behaviour. I have used guilt to elicit record donations. Sensuality and curiosity were used to encourage people go to a place they thought they knew and therefore didn’t need to visit. I’ve used front bar wit to convince people one beer tastes better than another and humour has helped create preferences for just about anything from continence products to financial institutions.


I have written emotive copy and created successful campaigns for countless clients in tourism, health, alcoholic beverages, finance, motor vehicles, defence, charity, and just about any category you care to name.


From a 25,000-word family history book to a two-word headline; websites, press ads, posters, posts, radio and televisions campaigns, cinema ads, online content, jingles, and more.


Writing is not just what I do, it’s a part of who I am and what I love to do.

My only overhead is my brain, so clients don’t pay for armies of people they’ve never met or departments full of unused resources.


It also means I tend to be quicker than behemoth ad agencies with their seemingly endless layers of people and processes.


Often, I am the only person working on a project, but as a creative director I tap into the right specialists when they are needed. I can produce a single piece of copy or orchestrate the production of entire, integrated campaigns.


I’ve been doing this advertising thing for over 35 years now, for small boutique brands with limited resources to huge multinational businesses.


Over and above strategically sound, high quality creative thinking, which are a given, the one thing all clients have in common is the need for genuine relationships with the people they turn to for help.


Relationships build trust. Trust is a two-way street, and it paves the way for deeper understanding and breakthrough creative thinking that delivers results.

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